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Ekimansulo gets underway with Amanda and her "Angels"
Ekimansulo gets underway with Amanda and her "Angels"


Ekimansulo or Kimansulo is the Ugandan term for strip tease or nude dancing. The practice emerged in Uganda in the mid-1990s in the suburbs of Kampala such as Kabalagala, Kasanga, Ntinda and Nakulabye. Due to public outcry, especially by Christian religious groups, police clamped down heavily on the practice. However, Ekimansulo shows are still organised underground, though not on a regular basis to avoid police detection.

Modern erotic dances were introduced to Uganda by Congolese performers, particularly the singer Tshala Muana, who became popular in Uganda in the early 1990s for her music as much as for her practice of lifting her skirt up during her stage performances.

However, the origin of Ekimansulo is more closely associated with Shadow's Angels, a dance group of Ugandan girls in their late teens or early 20s that was put together by radio DJ Alan Mugisha, popularly known as The Shadow.

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